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  • Know Your Shapes Activity Pack

    Know Your Shapes Activity Pack


    The Know Your Shapes Activity Pack is fun and educational set of printables that is perfect for helping children learn about geometric shapes. The printable pages are packed with colorful activities that will help your child learn how to recognize different shapes. THIS ITEM IS A SINGLE PDF FILE CONTAINING 23 (TWENTY THREE) 8.5 X11…

  • Learn About Recycling Workbook

    Learn About Recycling Workbook


    The Learn About Recycling Workbook is a fun and educational way to teach your child about the importance of recycling. With this printable workbook, you can help your child understand how recycling works and why it’s important. The workbook will guide your child through activities that will educate them on what items that we use…

  • Summer Cats Multiplication Tables PosterSummer Cats Multiplication Tables Poster

    Summer Cats Multiplication Tables Poster

  • Weekly Weather ReportWeekly Weather Report

    Weekly Weather Report


    This printable Weekly Weather Report is a great way for kids to learn to pay attention to the weather and keep it in mind when planning. THIS ITEM IS A SINGLE PDF FILE CONTAINING 3 (THREE) 8.5 X11 PRINTABLE PAGES: Two weekly weather reports featuring different children One page containing the most common weather elements