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  • Halloween Charades


    Halloween Charades is a perfect game for Halloween gatherings with family or friends. To play charades you “act” out the word or phrase on a card without talking while the rest of your team tries to guess what the word of phrase is. THIS ITEM IS A SINGLE PDF FILE CONTAINING 3 (THREE) 8.5 X11…

  • Halloween Coloring Book

    Halloween Coloring Book


    This printable Halloween Coloring Book is a perfect activity for the spooky season. It’s ideal for relaxing, after school, quiet time and coloring with friends. This coloring book contains 25 cute and not-too-spooky images including cats, ghosts, owls, bats and more! THIS ITEM IS A SINGLE PDF FILE CONTAINING 26 (TWENTY SIX) 8.5 X11 PRINTABLE…

  • Halloween Matching Game

    Halloween Matching Game


    This Halloween Matching Game is a fun way to practice recognition and memory skills. To play, print out the six pages with the game pieces. Cut out the game pieces. Place all of the pieces upside down on a flat surface. Each person takes a turn trying to make a match. If a match is…

  • Halloween Party Planner


    This Halloween Party Planner will help you organize all of the ideas and details you have in mind for this year’s Halloween celebration. Planner pages include pages for budgeting, food and recipes, costumes, schedule, decor and more! Check out the flipbook of this Halloween Party Planner below! THIS ITEM IS A SINGLE PDF FILE CONTAINING…

  • Halloween Wall Art

    Halloween Wall Art


    Want to decorate your house, apartment or dorm form a little differently for the spooky season? This Halloween Wall Art makes it easy! There are 9 pieces of Halloween wall art included. Just pick out the ones you like, put them into a frame and hang on the wall. Easy peasy! Check out the flipbook…